Burnaby Tree Removal


When is Tree Removal Necessary in Burnaby?

There are a variety of reasons why a tree may need to be removed. Improving the aesthetics of a home is one of the reasons a tree may be removed. In other cases, the tree may be removed so a new one can be put in the same location that is a more fitting species. Sometimes, the tree may be a very real hazard. Ways a tree may be a hazard to the surrounding area can include:

  • Too close to a common structure such as a pathway or roof
  • At risk of crashing down as a result of being dead or dying
  • Damaged by pests or other external forces beyond repair
  • Damaging a concrete structure critically

For any of these cases where there is any potential danger, we recommend that the tree be removed quickly. If you have any doubts, a tree health assessment will determine the specific risk that a tree poses to the surrounding area. In order to make sure the removal is done safely and efficiently, all best practices established by the ISA should be met when a tree is being removed. There's no tree too complex or too small for our services. Once a tree risk assessment has concluded that the tree must go, Richmond Tree Care will handle the rest.

Burnaby Tree Removal Permit Information

When you are planning to have a tree cut down or removed on your property, you may be required to apply for a tree removal permit from the City. The Tree Bylaw in effect in Burnaby protects trees and aims to keep a balance of green space in the City. In order to prevent receiving any fines, read about the Burnaby Tree Bylaw and apply for a tree removal permit if needed. We can assist you with the permit application process if needed.

The Dangers of a Hazardous Tree

Anything in the vicinity of a dying, dead or damaged tree may be in imminent danger. This includes buildings, businesses, cars, and most importantly, people. Hazardous trees, if not attended to professionally, can potentially have their branches come tumbling down to anything below unpredictably. Even just a sizable tree branch can weigh over a tonne and cause serious damage to anything beneath it. A whole tree can fall down if the roots are weak. Aside from the dangers above ground, the havoc that a tree’s root structure can do to a building’s foundation can be very costly if not taken care of early on.

Tree Removal - Point of View

How Do We Start On My Tree Removal Project?

If a tree appears to be dead or dying, it's hard to tell if the tree needs to be removed by just looking at it. It will need to be assessed by an experienced arborist to know exactly if the tree should be removed. Our team of arborists will be more than happy to conduct an affordable health assessment for the tree in question. You can depend on our team to conduct very thorough risk assessments that take every possible problem into consideration.

Just call us at (604) 265-6588 or complete the free quote form to get started with a tree removal service or tree risk assessment.

Areas Where We Offer Tree Removal Services

We serve Burnaby BC and the surrounding cities including Vancouver, Richmond, Delta, Ladner, Langley, Tsawwassen, New Westminster, Surrey and White Rock.