Tree Pruning

tree pruning

When to Prune

Seasonal pruning should be performed in the early spring or late winter, right before the tree begins to bud. If pruning is needed after the tree has already begun to bud, it is best to delay any cuts until after the leaves have grown to their full size. Low hanging and dead branches should be pruned immediately as they pose a safety risk. Very little pruning is needed in the first three years of a tree’s life.

Why prune?

Tree pruning can greatly benefit both the look of the surrounding area and the health of the tree. Pruning is a necessary practice in order to extend the life of your tree and ensure that it does not become overgrown. With regular pruning the tree can be generally assessed and any disease can be caught early or prevented.

Pruning Methods

Our first step to pruning a tree is always to create a custom plan that will leave the tree healthy, beautiful, and protected from disease. It is essential that when pruning is done to your tree it is carefully planned and executed. When done incorrectly, pruning can wound a tree. For example, a popular method called “tree topping” can severely reduce a tree’s life. Tree topping can in fact expose the tree to disease.
Another common method of pruning newly transplanted trees calls for reducing the crown of the tree to make up for root loss. This is completely unnecessary and often harmful to the tree. Dangerous pruning methods like this are why all of our arborists who will work on your trees are fully certified.
Our pruning methods have been honed after more than a decade of experience, and are scientifically proven to be safe and healthy for your tree.

How long does it take?

The amount of time it will take to prune your tree depends entirely on the size of the tree. Small trees can take just under an hour, while very large trees will often take the full day to prune completely.

What preparations do I have to make before you prune my tree?

We will need to know the location of any special lawn watering systems you have in place to avoid damage by falling branches. Lawn furniture, decorations, playsets, and all other objects should be moved safely away from the tree that we will prune prior to our arrival. Please make sure that our team will have access to the location of the tree on the day of our appointment.

Tree Pruning Tips Video

Tree Pruning Service Locations

We serve Richmond BC and the surrounding cities including Ladner, Vancouver, Delta, Burnaby, Surrey, New Westminster and Tsawwassen.