Ladner Tree Trimming


Do I need to get my trees trimmed in Ladner?

Having your trees trimmed may be required for a number of reasons. One reason is that you may want to have your hedges, shrubs or trees trimmed to keep them looking aesthetically pleasing and well-shaped. Secondly, trees might need to be trimmed in order to keep the branches at an appropriate distance away from sensitive areas such as a home, power line, window, roof or just from growing too tall.

trees trimmed by an arborist

Trimming and Pruning: What's the difference?

Tree trimming focuses on maintaining a designed form or shape of a tree, and usually applies to shrubs and hedges. On the other hand, the main goal of pruning is to encourage good branch structure and tree health. Trees are typically trimmed and pruned at the same time, as it is always important to keep tree health in mind when cutting or trimming branches. All of the trees we prune are done with certified arborists on staff in order to make sure the trees will thrive and stay healthy after the work is complete.

When is the ideal time to get my trees trimmed?

Depending on the species of plant to be trimmed, trimming is typically done once or twice a year. Although trees can be trimmed at any time of the year, it's suggested that you trim your trees in the Fall or Winter months while the trees are dormant. This causes less strain on the trees and it will likely mean a lower cost for you since it's faster for us to trim trees when there isn't as much foliage to clean up. Again, this depends on the species of tree that is being trimmed. When in doubt, always check with an arborist.

Advice on tree trimming from an arborist

Trees touching power lines?

In instances where trees on your property are encroaching close to power lines, a tree company may be sent out by BC Hydro to trim branches away from the power lines. This is usually done free of charge. Fires, damage to property or power outages can be prevented by keeping trees clear of power lines. We recommend that you call BC Hydro to see if they can help you at (604) 244-9376 whenever your hedges or any part of your tree is closer than 3 metres of a power line.

Our Tree Trimming Service Areas

We serve Ladner BC and the surrounding cities in Greater Vancouver including Richmond, New Westminster, Delta, Surrey, Langley, Burnaby, Vancouver, White Rock and Tsawwassen.