Tsawwassen Tree Risk Assessment


Tree Risk Assessment

A tree risk assessment is a survey which takes a small amount of experimental data to assess and evaluate any given tree. This data is taken through visual assessment, and determines the structural integrity of the tree as well as any additional risks it might pose.
A good tree risk assessment will contain three key things:

  1. A thorough summary of all of the risks that your tree poses according to the scientific data that was gathered
  2. Several recommendations on how to remove that risk
  3. At least one good recommendation for a relevant risk prevention method such as pruning

With this information you will be able to easily determine a course of action for your tree. Any immediate threats to your property can be removed quickly and easily with our services by trained professionals.

Why is risk assessment important?

A thorough and professional risk assessment is important for every tree on your property. A risk assessment can provide you with vital information about potential liabilities you may not have noticed or known could exist. Weak branch structures or unhealthy trees could be a serious danger to cars, property, or even people in the surrounding area.  In addition to this, a risk assessment can provide a greater knowledge of your tree and its needs so that you can enjoy it for many years to come.

Risk Assessment Methods

When obtaining a professional risk assessment for your tree, make sure that the company is using a certified method proven to give an accurate reading. Our risk assessment method is quick, thorough, and certified. Once we have set up an appointment to assess your tree, we can begin the process. On the day of the appointment we will arrive on time and visually assess the tree. Depending on the situation we may bring some physical tools to measure variables such as the angle of the trunk. Our arborist will fill out an accurate report based on the tree and inform you of any risks.

Tree Health & Best Practices

Tree Health Assessment Service Locations

We serve Tsawwassen BC and the surrounding cities in Greater Vancouver including Richmond, New Westminster, Delta, Surrey, Langley, Burnaby, Vancouver, White Rock and Ladner.